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Habemus Corpus presents the 1st International Rural Dance Campus,
an intensive dance experience in the rural countryside of Catalonia.

Contemporary dance workshops in the studio, improvisation techniques in different rural locations and a WITNESS METHOD creation of Miquel G. Font will design a final result which will be shown in different itinerary landscapes meanwhile making the recordings of it by drone.


A whole immersive experience only one hour away from Barcelona city, directed to pre-professional and professional dancers who feel inspired by nature and community exchange of arts for the good of the enrichment of creation methods and self-research.

Dossier IRDC Català

File IRDC English

Dossier IRDC Español


July 27th - August 2nd, 2024



Cervera, La Segarra, Catalonia, Spain.


How to apply:

Send CV or referee letter + max. 2 min video of your contemporary/improvisation skills to



March 31st 2024 - Limited available places


All included Fee:

Accomodation + 4 meals per day + workshops + drone recordings + all programmed activities: 750€ (700€ if applying BEFORE February 15th).

About Habemus Corpus:


In 2006, at his beginnings as a professional dancer and due to a long-term injury, Miquel G. Font spent a year in the ecumenical community of Taizé where he began to write projects based on actual events that he witnessed among thousands of people. Thus Taizé became the origin of Habemus Corpus ("we have bodies" in Latin) which was later founded in 2010. This would become his artistic signature.


- Speak only when you have something to say – Fr. Stephen, Taizé. -


This is the basis of all work G. Font developed all his concepts from, always talking about specific topics and taking real facts as source of inspiration. He also ensures that his artists have a specific reason to interpret, move, or perform any action within a work. With several years invested in different fields, he also composed the music of his own pieces, for other directors or for films. To identify and have empathy with a particular subject is, for him, essential to creating.


"Habemus Corpus, a whole philosophy of empathetic work."

Jordi Sora - Escena de la memoria - September 2016


The most remarkable pieces produced Habemus Corpus, we can mention 01'234, which tours around Europe and being rewarded in several occasions, TEMPO [no] TEMPO over THE RITE OF SPRING, AIRE, co-produced by GREC-FESTIVAL DE BARCELONA or TEEN TIME GONE, directed to adolescent audience, today still on tour after 8 years of remaking, renewing and showing it in Catalonia and Spain.

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